Friday, October 3, 2008

Its the freakin weekend!

I am so glad it is friday! Even though I have to go in to Arrowhead on a Saturday! So last Saturday Diego and I went out to Little Sahara to go shooting with my fam damn. It was all going great until we hit the dirt road. I may have a big SUV with a big engine but those big, beautiful shiny rims are really not meant to get dirty! In my parents truck they are going like fifty and I was chugging along at like ten trying to miss all the bumps. After my family slows down to let us catch up we turn down a side road and I tell Diego that this is a bad idea! My parents were taking us down a 4 wheeler trail! I am watching my dad go in and out of trees in his HUGE truck and I am wondering how we were going to turn around once my parents figure out that we really were on a 4 wheeler trail. They finally figure it out and my dad helps me get turned around in the sand. Thank goodness for that V-8! About ten minutes later we find a spot to shoot the guns and have some lunch. It was fun to hang out with the family. Naturally I got sunburned, even though I put sunscreen on twice. I thought that shooting the guns would be boring but OH MY GOSH, it was awesome. Power!!! Diego had not shot a gun in a long time but he was having so much fun. Usually I have to fill my own clip but he just kept my gun rarin' and ready to go. Here are some pics!

Dad and Diego

DiRtY!!!Me and Moses!

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