Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tag Time!

1. People who are tagged need to post these rules, and 8 random habits/facts/quirks about themselves.
2. At the end of the post you need to choose 8 people to get tagged and list their names

1: I love to cook! I have a ton of recipe books that I bring to bed with me at night to read. I enjoy cooking for hours at a time and love to make up my own recipes. They are all called Sam Surprise until I have perfected them and then they get a name. BUT, I can not bake at all! Every cookie I have ever made is hard or no flavor. Brownies always have to be eatin within two minutes of coming out of the oven because at five minutes they are rock hard.

2: Diego is always doing projects. If he is home, he is outside fixing stuff. And lately it is stuff that did not need to be fixed. Diego can not watch more than one episode of Forensic files before he is complaining about being bored. Weekends are horrific with him when it is raining outside, ( like today).

3: I have anxiety when I have to leave Sandy or Draper. When I have to go somewhere I always freak out that I am not going to get there on time or that I am going to get lost. I had to drive to Magna last night to do a scentsy party and I was having a panic attack on the 201 about going out to 82 west. I really wanted to call and cancel and just go home and sit in my bed.

4: I drink to much water. When I was 17 my Dr. put me on suicide watch because I would not stop drinking water and they thought I was going to drown. They made me drink only gatorade for a couple of weeks and it was hell. I live for water. I only drink water, coffee, and liquor. But since I am giving up the last two I am stuck with only water. I hate carbonation because of the bubbles and I have since I was a baby.

5: I went to Ireland on my senior trip. This was my moms idea, not mine. I wanted to go to Disneyland. Shocker. We went with a girl I had grown up with and her mom. It was an amazing trip and I really would love to go back someday. My favorite thing in Ireland was kissing the Blarney Stone. And we got to stay in an actual Castle.

6: I am in love with my neighbors and my neighborhood. We only live a couple blocks from my family and they are closer than any store so I usually just stop by their house and take groceries! We have two neighbors that love Disneyland as much as we do so we always have something to talk about. The little munchkins in the hood love Minnie. They always want to come play with her. She is kind of afraid of them but it is good practice for her.

7: I wear my hair in a pony tail everyday! I always try and do my hair all nice but if not every hair looks perfect I give up and put it in a pony. I always think about cutting my hair short so I would not have the option of a pony but I always chicken out.

8: (thanks for reminding me that I only did 7 tray) I am addicted to Harry Potter! I listen to them over and over everyday on my ipod at work. I sometimes will listen to the whole twilight series but i always go back and listen to Harry afterword. I am guessing that I have been doing the Harry Potter series over and over for the last two years. That is a lot of Harry Potter!
I tag: Ashley, Ashley, Fishy, Jessica, Shilo, Kelli, Kelly, And Tray.

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Life as Ashley said...

Ha! Ha! Look how many Ashley's and Kelly's are in there. Funny!

Loved getting to know you better. Thanks for the Tag! Now I have something to post about. :)

Miss you!