Thursday, December 11, 2008

Double Tag!

I have been tagged twice this week. Here we go!


Eight shows I watch:

1: Golden Girls! I have all 7 seasons on DVD and watch them almost every day.

2: The Hills, I know I know!

3:Jon and Kate plus 8

4:Desperate Housewives

5: Reba

6: Amazing Race

7: Greys

8: Dog the Bounty Hunter

8 things I did yesterday:

1: Actually did my hair!

2: Went to work

3: Helped Diego build my desk.

4: Cleaned Cleaned Cleaned.

5: Made pork chops and rice for dinner

6: Made little thank you notes to all the people who bought scentsy from me last week.

7: Worked out for an hour.

8: Folded laundry

8 things I am looking forward to / wishing for :

1: 4 day Holiday over Christmas
2: Christmas

3: Going to Disneyland again someday

4: Going to Uruagay someday

5: Having kids someday

6: Having Diego relax for two minutes instead of always doin projects

7: Getting Minnie a boyfriend someday

8: The new Harry Potter movie

8 places I like to eat:

1: Bonsai

2: Ruby River

3: La Frontera ( Ash H. we need to go ASAP)

4: Rumby

5: I am a huge fan of Burger King whoppers

6: Any Brazillian joint

7: Panda express

8: Wendys

8 People I tag:

1: Ash Hoff

2: Ash Bow

3: Ash Emery

4: Tray

5: Kelly Bo Bang

6: Annette

7: Kimber

8: Jessica

7 Things Tag:

7 things I can do:

1: Cook like a rock star!
2: Keep Minnie alive.
3: Make a model of somebodys mouth.
4: Drive over any curb or grassy knoll that is slowing me down on the way to my destination.
5: Get people from customer service to do exactly what i want them to do.
6: Get Diego to knock down walls to build me book shelves!
7: Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk

7 Things I cannot do:

1: Bake
2: Keep a clean house 24-7
3: Always fold the laundry right when it comes out of the dryer.
4: Work out next to a skinny girl.
5: Tell people no.
6: Go to sleep with out the TV on.
7: Confront my friends with issues I have with them.

7 Things I always say:

1: I dont want to play anymore! (usually singing it)
2: Shut Up!
3: Son of a butthead!
4: No way!
5: Get out of my way! (While driving)
6: Can we watch Goilden Girls tonight?
7: Want to come over for dinner tonight?

7 Things I always eat:
1: Sauteed onion. (almost every night)
2: Peanut M&Ms
3: Rice
4: Chicken on the grill
5: Anything on a $ menu
6: BBQ chips with ranch dip
7: Potatoes with onion soup mix fried

7 Things I love to do:
1: Hang out with friends
2: Sell Scentsy
3: Cook for all my friends
4: Take a bath and read a book
5: Watch Golden Girls
6: Go to the movies
7: Blog Stalking!

7 People I Tag:

Everyone from above except Ash Emery.

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Valerie said...

Loved your blog Sam, this is your mom's cousin, Valerie from Va. hope to meet you in April. My best friend has seen all the golden girl episodes as well. Valerie