Friday, December 5, 2008

Long awaited twilight movie!

I finally went and saw Twilight! I lived for the books but I was very hesitant about the movie! How in the hell were they going to find the perfect Edward? I was so disapointed with him! (This picture helps him look better!)
Emily and I laughed almost the whole movie. The faces the actors kept making reminded me of the faces Ben Stillar would pull when he was modeling in Zoolander!
I do not remember anything about flying from tree to tree in the book! And way to ruin the meadow scene! Come on! We (yes! I was there in my head) had to hike for hours to the long awaited place! But no! It was right behind the school!
Jacob was nothing like I imagined. I always pictured him kind of chubby in the first book. I do think he was a good choice after all though. He is very cute when he has his hood on.
My favorite actress choice was Alice. She was so cute! Her hair was perfect! But please explain to me what was up with Jaspers face? WEIRD!
The best thing about the movie was the new trailer for Harry Potter 6! Holy exciting! " But I am the chosen one!" Good stuff!

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Life as Ashley said...

Alice was my favorite too! :)