Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jazz Vs. Lakers Game 4

We have been very spoiled this season and have been able to go to a lot of Jazz games. Diego is a very big fan and I have become one over the last season. Two of Diegos bosses have excellent tickets (8th and 21st row!!!) and they let us use them! Its nice to be able to go out to dinner and then to a game to spend some quality time together! Last nights game had to be the funnest one I have ever been to! There were sooooooooooooooo many Laker fans there! It was at least 25% Laker fans! It became a screaming match the whole time! There were some guys that had dressed up to be the Jazz team right in front o us. One of them had a wig and a suit on to look like Sloan! Every time the jazz would huddle they would to and "Sloan" would draw a picture of Kobe Bryant on fire or of the jazz riding a slow camel down the court! So entertaining! They totally killed us and the next game is sadling in Los Angeles. Sorry but I dont think we can win that one. : (
The Fake Jazz! The guy on the far left has his jersey Saying J. Horney!
Poster of Kobe!
Fake Jazz team again! The guy that was wearing the D Will jersey even drew D Wills tatoos on!
"Jerry" instructing his players
Sorry for the shut up my nose!
All the Lakers fans! BOOOOO!


Charlene Emily Bridge said...

i just saw those guys that dressed up like the team on the news!! they looked way funny

MoBridge5 said...

I like J Horney!

Adam and Traci said...

You are such a freakin show off!!! Ya, I saw those guys too but they looked like dots from where I sit! BRATS!! Don't forget us next season dude!