Tuesday, May 12, 2009

1st BBQ of the season!

On Saturday night Diego and I had some friends over. It was a blast!!!
Von and Em! I had been reading Vons blog and was very excited to meet her! These two were so meant to be best friends!

Me preparing the Ranchera from the Mexicano market!

Em, Von, Me, Gordon (yes, I know he is not mine but he is damn cute!), and my bff (even though we only see each other one time a year and we only live ten minutes away) Adriane!

Adriane and I have been friends since the 9th grade when I made her hang out with me! Emily joined our little group in High School and it made for some really funny times!

P.S. Mine and Adrianes husbands were there but for some odd reason there are no pictures of them!! : )

This is the other girl from our group, Amy. She has ditched us to live in St. Louis! But I cant be mad because its such a great oppertunity for her and her hubs! Miss you Amus!

Emily had put this and the picture above up on her blog and I stole them! This was taken one of the days we were sluffing school! We are not sure why Em is wearing a tiara but it looks mighty fine on her!!!

Love you guys so much! It is so much fun when we can get together once a year and talk like we have only been apart for a week!

And If any of you wanna try out my mexican meat I will have you over for a bbq!!!!!


Emily Christine said...

It was so fun!! I really appreciate your friendship! You really are one of my best friends! Love you!!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Thanks for letting me tag along, and try your mexicano meat! It was delish, and seriously I have already told EVERYONE about the salad. Peeps are waiting to try it! =)

morgan said...

I want to try your mexican meat!

Diego and Sam Jo said...

Which Morgan is this?