Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Practice makes perfect?

On Monday Diego and I were playing on the computer when all of a sudden it sounded like helicopters were right outside our window! We looked out to see this! Me (being the anxiety ridden person I am) thought for sure we were being attacked and decided I should watch the news more often! I thought I had missed something big! But no! Our Air Force is just being amazing! I am more than happy to watch them do these amazing moves over our heads! The way they turned the plane so fast was very awesome! I just wish Char could have seen it! She is such an Army/Navy/Marine fan! Keep up the good work Air Force!

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Lisa, Cody & Carson said...

We usually get the blackhawks and apaches flying over our house nightly. It makes you feel a lot safer having them flying around. Carson loves hearing them come over.