Monday, July 27, 2009

Dearest Debbie:

Debbie you are a liar!
You promised me that if I worked out I would not get sick!
Well guess what Debbie...
Now that I am feeling better I thought I would just do our stretching video tonight so that tomorrow we could jump back into our "routine."
Did you not understand that every muscle in my body has ached for days and I have done nothing but sit around like a fat a$$ for 5 whole days!
So NO, the stretching did not go over well...
So as your punishment you need to...
well I am not sure yet what your punishment should be.
Maybe you should have to gain 50 pounds over night and start out where I am!
Or maybe you should have to do 100 lunges while I eat chocolate chip cookies!
{Fat free of course!}
I dont care if I am hurtin so bad tomorrow that I want to die,
I am going to get back into my "routine."
P.S.: I talked to somebody today that has met you and has taken one of your classes.
She said that you were nice! She must be on crack!


Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry you've been sick! Boo on Debbie!!

Kimberly said...

Hope that you get back in your routine soon, so you don't hurt! I hate it when that blog has gone private so please send me your email address:
so I can add you to be one of my readers.