Monday, July 13, 2009

Yo necesito agua!

Session 3 Day 1
Today I started my 3rd week!!!!!! And I still wanna exercise!!!!!! This weeks session is called Burnin Up! That happens to be the perfect name for it!
So in this session we did a little bit of our old routine but Debbie has thrown in some new stuff. Like jumping jacks! Debbie does not realize that when you actually have boobs they do not like it when you are jumping around in the air! Even with a $50 sports bra! I dont think I have even done a jumping jack since my AYSO soccer days! That was like 10th grade Debbie! She also thinks we are boxers. JAB JAB UPPER CUT! Debbie I am not a fighter, I am a lover! She is throwing a lot of Tae Bo in on us. Kick front and kick back. It does not really feel that hard when I was doin it but now I am feelin it! She has also thrown in some more lunges and squats. Now press..1..2..3..4, now hold... Glad that I dont have to fart Debbie!
Debbie chose some new exercise partners to work out behind her. The woman needs a little help with her outfit of choice!! She has a rockin body for her age so I am sure she could have found somethin better than forest green stretch pants and a lime green spandex shirt to go with it! And her hubby is the man, what a couple made in heaven! He is into the short shorts. : (
Dude! This was filmed in 2006. I know those were not popular when you bought them! And I am personally not a fan of you doing front lunges at the tv screen with your shorts ridin up all the way! I am trying to concentrate, not throw up! (And I am very proud of myself for not throwing up on the crunches anymore!)
These are my demands of Debbie:
  1. Only 1 water break? In 1 hour I need at least 4!
  2. I wish your thighs touched. It would help me hate you less.
  3. Jogging in place is not good on boobies!
  4. Do you really have to tell me to "keep pressing play" at the end of our workouts? You just bossed my ass around for a whole hour! Back off! I will come back if I wanna!
  5. You need some better music in the background. I know that I cant dance but some Beyonce would really get me movin!

I know that I have not posted my pictures but I really need to get a new camera so everything is not fuzzy and fat. But I am noticing a difference. Everything is tighter! My are muscles are awesome. I can now lift the 50 pound bag of rice from costco! I have so much energy it is a joke. I am already the most hyper person you will ever meet so maybe the extra energy is not that great in some peoples eyes. (Like Diegos!) And no Diego has not started the workout plan yet. He likes it so much more when he is eating chips and watching me pant like a dog. Hopefully my new camera will get here soon so I can show off my new body! XOXO

I am off to pick up Mom and Mo from the airport! 3 weeks in Europe! Jealous!/<>

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Kristina P. said...

It sounds like I need a Debbie in my life!