Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shes leavin on a jet plane...

Maybe shes not leavin on the plane but she is leavin me in daddy's big blue truck!
My baby sis is leavin for college this weekend!
Now I have lost both my sisters!
What the F am I going to do with my life!
Me and Mo decided to have a sister day at the mall yesterday!
Mo got her first Mascara!
We were picking out shorts for her and they did not have her size 4!
Double 00!!!!
Seriously people!
Cute shades!
Mo got herself a new hat!
Tryin on shorts!
Maybe a little short...
Me with my soup
Mo trying to have some cleavage...
Our food was yummy!
Mo with her food baby!
I love you Mo and I miss you already!
But I am very proud of you!
Now don't pull a hamstring or anything on the field!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Where is she going to college? Looks like you guys have fun together...sad that she is leaving. [tear]

Adam and Traci said...

I am losing my sister too! Life just isn't fair is it. Only mine is taking her darling baby with her! Jerks!