Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spanish Recipe!

Since Diego wont teach me to cook some Uruguayan food I asked my little brown friend to help me!
First we had to take a trip to the Mexican store Anayas.
The meat counter at this place is awesome. I am glad I took my translator with me!
Now I am going to teach you how to make Milanesa!
I always get a lot of meat when I get there because I can freeze what I don't use.
I would say that for 4 people you would only need 3 pounds.

Kelly usually buys her meat at Smiths or Harmons but make sure it is really thinly cut but I went all the way and got the good stuff!
When you are preparing your meat make sure there is not a lot of fat on them. You do not want any holes in your meat. So make the meat two or three pieces instead of 1.

What you need:
  • Eggs (beaten)
  • Italian bread crumbs
  • oil to fry your meat in {Kelly does hers inside in a skillet but Diego hates the smell of fried food in the house so we decided to do it in the deep fryer outside! but make sure your meat is not bigger than your basket in your deep fryer!}
  • Two deep dishes {one for your Italian bread crumbs, one for your eggs!}
    Tongs to flip the meat if you are using a skillet or to keep the meat under the oil in the fryer.
  • Oh and your meat!
1st put your meat into the bread crumbs and make sure none of the flaps are folded over.
Next dip it in eggs.
{Diego says his Momma put milk in her eggs.}
Make sure everything is coated with the egg.

Than you SQUISH the hell out of the meat in the bread crumbs again. And you really do need to press down hard to make sure that your crust does not crumble off when it is frying!
Can you see the force I am using! : )
Kelly is a little bit better at it than me!
Make sure you have enough bread crumbs to go around. I would say always have an extra bottle just in case.
The boys decided to take over for the frying part of the meal!
Your hand get very cakey when you are doin the smushin!

Make a whole plateful and then start your frying.
We had two per person and that was PLENTY!!!
We had our deep fryer on 275 and it was perfect. The inside got cooked before the outside got burned.
Since the boys were finishin up I decided to take photos!
{yes Kelly I am glad you can be in our Christmas photo!}
Kelly's BEAUTIFUL Colombian mother made us some traditional South American Potato Salad.
{Just 411, Uruguayans put Mayo on EVERYTHING!!!}
Very yummy salad!
I finally got to eat my Milanesa!!!
Definitely put some lime on it!!
It was Delish!
Even Ary liked the limes!
{Ary is giving the "how could you" look to her momma!}
Lexie and Mo showed up after dinner.
{love these girls!}
And of course no get together of our would be complete with out a game of hand and foot!
Shocker! I lost again!

Perfect night!


Kristina P. said...

I've never even of heard of this but how can you go wrong with fried meat!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I just want you to cook for me all of the time. -k- thanks!