Sunday, August 23, 2009

Toby Keith concert!!

Toby Keith was a lot of fun!

He is no George Strait but he was funny as hell!!!

He changed a bunch of lines in his songs that made me laugh all night!

We started off by eating dinner with Brenda!

{My walkin partner at work!}

Ever heard the song "Rockin the Beer gut?"

They sing it and the song is estupido!

Could they be any more Whiskey Tango?

{White Trash!}

Me, Em, and her boyfriend Nate!

{I met him for the first time and he is definitely a keeper!}

My cousin Casey and I!
{Yes there is a sticker on her boobs!}

Diego and I

{This is my "Oh my gosh Diego is drinking a beer" face}

: )

Brad and Diego
{Sometimes I forget about that flash button!}

Jessie, me, Casey, and Amy

Mr. Chrome

{Trace Adkins!}

He was a blast to sing too!
I was shocked at how many songs of his I knew!
{Mind you some of the words I just made up, But I always knew the chorus!}

Brad and Jess

Me and Casey!

{I am in love with this photo!!!}

I had to put it in!

{I think I look like a pig when I laugh!}

Toby Keith!

Casey and Cody

{Caseys 4th beer!}

Me and Famous Amus!

{We both got the Bowthorpe hair!}

Ford man!

Me and Em at the end of the night!


Emily Christine said...

It was so fun hanging out with you! I love the pic of you and Casey so dang cute! Don't you have a picture of Nathan and I together, if so you should e-mail me! :) Thanks

Steph said...

We went to the George Strait Concert and loved it... seriously the best one ever.