Monday, September 7, 2009

Go Sam Jo!

Dearest Deb
Yo realize that exercising has consumed my life!
And I am not even looking that good!
Yes my face is getting slimmer...
and my ass is getting rounder..
{not sagging anymore}
and my boobas are getting a little smaller...
But I want weight to be dropping off me!
I know that I was not able to hang out with you last week...
But its not because I don't love you...
I just did not have a an hour to hang out!
But I walked at least two hours everyday!
{Thanks Paola!}
I even ate really healthy everyday except Friday night!
Maybe you should come and live in Sandyland where you always have to walk up hills...
then maybe you would cut me some slack!
Saturday I helped my Bestie move into her new place!
I took at least 15 trips up to the 3rd floor!
And I wasn't even that tired!
{I will give you full credit for that!}
Guess what today is Debbie?
Labor day!
My day off!
But I left my house at 7:30 to meet up with my cousins to go walk/jog!
Do I receive an A+ for that?
I actually jogged quite a bit!
And did not pass out!
But I promise you this week that we will hang out everyday!
I sort of miss you!
Now I am going to go find a walking partner for tonight!
Miss you!
Sam Jo


MoBridge5 said...

Wow... This is probably the best thing I have ever read. It was totally worth stopping homework for!! Love you!

alibrough said...

I feel ya...I have a love hate relationship with my P90x...but I refuse to eat healthy. Ever. Keep up the good work Sam!