Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time to start the coffee maker?

Holy Crap!
It is getting cold in my neck of the woods!
We only got 7 days of fall and then we got snow in the mountains!
No Bueno!
When I took Minnie out to play this morning this is what our mountains looked like!
I think I am going to hike up there there next weekend so I can see the leaves changing!
How lucky are we to have this as our scenery?
Minnie had to put on her jacket to go play...
She is not a fan.
Her little legs are so short that the jacket sometimes touches the ground!
Cleaning out her nose!

And I am so excited this mornin because I won a giveaway!!!
Cooking, Dunkin Style is one of my favorite food blogs to stalk!
I won two bottles of Country Bobs meat rub!
I cant wait to try it!

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