Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fah reaks!

Who needs pacifiers when we have these!
Jazz Hands
At least he was wearing his seat belt!
Whats a champion with out his umbrella?
No I do not think the stump is to much at all...
Every girl should have a dream... even on her period...
Its so great that everyone could make it to graduation, even Uncle Derek came in from steroid rehab
Sara finally has something to smile about.
You guys might have a gun but I have 2 cats! Now what suckas?!
Nice leaning post there Adam!
I love my sister.
There is nothing like waking up and unwrapping a strange smiling family.
It should be noted that cooking is dangerous and should be done with bellies and chest hairs covered. Thanks.
This young man dressed up as an elderly Smokey the Bear.
Well she would not have cried if they had not sat her on the lap of a derranged cracked out bunny missing an ear!
Sometimes when your happy and you know it you dont have to clap your hands.
We are lawyers you can trust. Look... We like kitties.
Do you think this bow tie is to loud for this shirt??
Some girls would have been sad their prom was being held at KFC... These girls embraced it.
Everyone has a gaurdian angel... But they arent usually that much taller than you...
Mom and dads love was infectious... everywhere.
Suzy would have never known there was tension if it hadnt been for the burning sensation comeing from both sides of her head.
Matching earings is where he draws the line... everybody has their standards.
I sure hope thats her boyfriend and not her brother or cousin.
Try to call me a wussy now.
No, I dont think he will develop mother issues... do you?

Hope that gave you a little giggle!


MoBridge5 said...

Thank you for making my week w/this!!! Love you Sista!

Cal said...

i love you!! this is what I needed today. so funny. I almost wet my pants!

T,A,K,E said...

Where on earth did you get all these pictures? I LOVE them!