Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Team Kate plus 8

I have watched your show for many years now. I always thought that Kate was actually very mean to you. But then I started thinking. How would I be if I had 8 kids under the age of 6? I think I would go mad if I did not have order in my home. And I think that is what Kate brought to your life. She made sure all the laundry, cooking and cleaning were done and still took care of your kids. Yes she had a bunch of hissy fits along the way but who doesn’t? I yell at Diego when he lets my dog in the front yard for hells sake. I also think that you are having a mid life crisis at the age of 30. And you are doing it in front of cameras that will capture everything your rotten ass does! Duh! You did not think you would get caught with Haley? People make millions off of dumb mistakes "celebrities" make. This season you have gonna above and beyond to be especially mean to Kate. I loved in the first episode when you were sportin the sweatshirt with Haley’s school logo on it. Very classy thing to do. I am sure it brought a tear to Haley’s eye when she saw you wearing it. Such a special way to say I you. 

Then you started to get "hip". Loved the ear piercings by the way. And when you brought home the twins matching earings. That was pure daddy daughter love. You could see in their eyes that they thought you were kind of a douche bag, but hell, they got presents out of it. And nice job on the clothing choice. Very cool to wear only Ed Hardy brand. I especially loved the dragons on your ass. Again, very classy. I know that you having these feelings inside like you are finally the person you always wanted to be but guess what, the person you are becoming is a 30 something year old that has practically abandoned his 8 kids. Fantastic.

I am glad that you came back for the last episode last night. I wanted you to be able to get your say. Did you notice that you talk a lot with your hands? Was it because you were super nervous? You should have been. The whole world is judging you! I think that you have become the poster child for why boys should not get married at the age of 21. Yes some boys get married young and they mature. But some don’t. Sucky. You obviously were just trying to say as much in your defense as you could. Good job on bringing Haley into the mix. Don’t know if you watched the episode yourself but Kate pretty much made it known that it will be a cold day on hell before her kids meet "the other woman".{Go Kate} 

I would just like to sign off with one last note. Your best line of the night was "Our marriage fell apart, and I felt like I was free." How studly does that make you look. I am sure woman are just lining up to date such a romantic guy. I really hope that you can get your act together soon because your kids still like you. Only a couple more years before they will notice your pic on the cover of US weekly and wonder who the skank is on your arm.

Good Luck Jon!

Sam Jo


Aaron and Nichoele said...

LOVE IT!!! You were absolutely dead on!

Kristina said...

I agree with you 100% I hate Jon!!!!!!!!111

Cal said...

team Kate all the way... JOhn is a slump!although I was routing for him at first, then I had to change teams! I think you should send this letter into him!

T,A,K,E said...

Yes I agree with Callee, send him the letter! I will even find the address for you..