Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Check List...

I am the most unorganized person ever! {Diego says he agrees with this statement.} We have known about our trip for a long time and I am just this week trying to get my stuff together.

Over 7 weeks ago I FINALLY decided to send in my passport to have my last name changed. {Diego would like to mention that he had been telling me to do this since we got married 3 years ago.} It said that it would take 6-8 weeks so I was not worried at all. In my head I thought that it would only take 4 weeks and that would give me plenty of time. So after 5 weeks and it had not arrived I started to get a wee bit worried. Last Monday I recieved a letter from the passport peeps. I had forgotten to send in my Marriage certificate!!! Huge ordeal. When I was getting everything together I put all the stuff in a white envelope. At the last moment I changed envelopes and did not see that I had missed my marriage certificate. So $30 later I had overnighted it to my peeps to get my passport back in motion. I called on Friday to see how long it would take and to see if I needed to expedite it to get in back in time. They said to call back Monday and check the progress. Crap! I was really startin to freak. Saturday morning I checked my email and guess what?!? It shipped! It will be here by Saturday. {Only 4 days to spare!}

I have started my lists of CRAP that need to be bought, CRAP that needs to be packed, and Crap that needs to be done around the house. Its a lot of lists! {Diego made a list for me too, it had 1 thing on it... SUNSCREEN!} But I am happy to say that I have started the packing and its going really bad. I usually just throw stuff into my suitcase because thats how I roll but I am now realizing that 3 weeks of clothes and shoes, {yes we will have a washer so I dont have to bring 3 whole weeks of clothes} does take up a lot of room. So I am going to have to be an extra good packer to get it all to fit. {This means Diego will end up doing it for me!}

My biggest concern??? No its not that I cant speak spanish or that I will be meeting his family for the first time, its what I am going to wear to travel in and what I will look like when I meet his family for the first time. Any suggestion??? It blows because I know its going to be freezing at the SLC airport but blazing hot in Miami and in Uruguay! Let me know what you think! ♥


Aaron and Nichoele said...

You want to know what I think? I think I love your blog. You always make me smile. I'll have to think about your actual question and get back to you ;)

T,A,K,E said...

Layers. Definetly layers that you can peel and stuff in a suitcase as you get closer to Uruguay. That would be my main concern as well. It still is everytime we see family. Did i mention how excited/jealous I am. I can not wait to see your amazing pictures.

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I have no such advice...because I have never traveled for 3 weeks. LOL. You will have fun no matter what you dress like. Stop stressin' girly!

Natalia said...

No te preocupes por la ropa!!!
Acá hace mucho calor, así que necesitarás muy poca je,je.
Te cuento que cuando yo fui me pasó igual....pero al revés!!Salí de acá muerta de calor y cuando llegué a NY estaba nevando!!! En mi bolso de mano llevé ropa de abrigo y me cambié en el aeropuerto mientras esperaba mi vuelo....tal vez puedas hacer lo mismo.
De maya o con bufanda....los esperamos!!!