Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Question TADA

I love when somebody that I havent seen since High School asks me where my husband is from. {Someone that has never seen him of course.} When I tell them Uruguay they usually give me a very weird look. I then explain that yes, I am married to one of those brown people. {I am practically a brown person now so I can talk like that!}
Its still funny to me almost 7 years later that I have never seen the house Diego grew up in, the schools he attended, the place where he scored his first goal in soccer, the Circle k {I know we dont have those anymore, and that Uruguay definately doesnt have one, but that was the gas station closest to us growing up}that him and his freinds walked to to get drinks on a hot summer day, and so on. You get my point right? Our whole relationship has been on my "home turf". {And yes Diego could answer all the questions above about me!} We met in the neighborhood I grew up in. We bought a house 2 minutes from the house I was raised in. If we stay in this house our kids will attend the same schools I did. {Can you tell I dont like change?}
T.A.D.A. asked me where Diego is from.
He was raised in the Capitol of Cerro Largo {State}, Melo.
Diegos Madre still lives there so we will be staying in the house he grew up in! I cant wait to wander the streets and have him show me all the places he hung out at while he was growing up!


T,A,K,E said...

I am so excited you get to go and see where he grew up. I totally get what you are saying. My husband grew up in Guatemala and I have often thought the EXACT thoughts you wrote. Good for you! P.S. - I am totally thrilled I was "mentioned". Whoo!
-Tara :)

Cal said...

I am thrilled she was mentioned too! I have never met either of your husbands and I want to because they sound like awesome little brown boys. love ya both

Natalia said...


The Emerys said...

That is so going to be so much fun seeing everything about his life. But I feel you on the change, look at me we bought the house I grew up in. Paxton will go to good old Altara.

T,A,K,E said...

So I just reread your post and laughed out loud at the part where you said are "practically brown so you can talk like this" my husband says it doesn't matter that I married to him, that I love the things he loves, that I find myself speaking spanish in everyday conversations, he says I can NEVER talk like that because I am still white and from Idaho. can I be like YOU and be able to "talk like that?" :)