Saturday, December 5, 2009

puff puff pass...

Uruguayan lesson of the day:

Herba Maté:
One thing you learn when you are married to a Uruguayan is that they all bebir {to drink} Mate. Yes I have tasted the stuff, but I have to be in a pretty good mood to want to drink it. {I drank a lot of it while we were dating just to impress him...} And Diego will not just drink it by himself, no no no, its like a team activity. And I am rarely allowed to because I drink it so slow that I ruin the cycle.I am guessing you are wondering why that seems like a big deal. Well there are rules to this activity. And I am not good at following the rules so Diego just rolls his eyes and I walk away. Some of the rules are shown in the video below. {Yes somebody actually made a video of this! That is how SERIOUS they take there Mate!} When we get pictures or videos from Uruguay there is rarely one that does not have them either partaking of the mate or the bong mate cup is in the background! Serious buisness! Diegos Madre {Mom} puts orange peels in hers so I am excited to try it that way. {I am not allowed to do this in Diegos cup because it would ruin the cup forever!}
When we have friends that come over that have gone to South America on buisness or on their mission they always get excited that Diego drinks Mate.
And its not just for cold days. They do it ALL day, EVERY day! I will definately take pictures of all the Mate when I am there!

Diego and Paolo drinkin together!


Adam and Traci said...

That crap is nasty!! YUCK!

Natalia said...

imagino que después de tantas lecciones...ya estás experta en preparar mate jeje. En el video faltó decir que puede ser acompañado de bizcochos o algo rico para picar.
Voy calentando el agua mientras loss espero!!!!

T,A,K,E said...

I totally agree, I have to be in the right mood to drink it. Luckily my hubby does not drink it very often.