Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 December 26th

I did not like trying to fall asleep on the flight. I stole Diego’s pillow and blanket so I was at least able to get myself pretty comfortable. I woke up around 10:30 and we were landing in about 45 minutes. I did not know that brushing your teeth in the bathroom would be such a pain in the ass! It smelled so bad that I just wanted to die. I got back to my seat and we started having really bad turbulence.  It was really rainy. My stomach was in knots. I popped one of my new best friends and by the time we were landed I was very relaxed. Perfect!
The airport in Montevideo is very small. They don’t have terminals that connect with the door of the plane. You walk down the stairs of the plane and they load you onto busses that take you to customs.  Customs was crazy! It took us over an hour to go through the lines and get our passports stamped! We went and found our luggage. {Yes it had made it to Uruguay with us!} I started to freak out. I was meeting Diego’s whole family in two minutes!!! Holy Shite!!! We walk around the corner and there they are! Diego was in heaven. Diego’s mom, sister, BIL, and the two little boys were there to greet us! We got our rental car and we were off! Natalia lives about 40 minutes away from the airport so I had a lot of time to look around! Driving in Montevideo is crazy!! There are no lines on the road but there are lanes that people make up. Nobody uses their blinkers, people on motorcycles swerve in and out going hella fast, and the roundabouts have stop lights.
Diego and I follow Martin to his parent’s house to drop off their car and then we go to the supermarket to change our money. I was in awe. But Diego said we could go shopping later so we headed back to the house to make plans for the night. Diego’s family is so funny. They had bought different waters for me to try. And surprisingly I loved them! That problem was solved! Now they were all worried about what I was going to eat. They are so funny.  
We decided to go to their big grocery store and get me some stuff to munch on if I did not like what they were eating. Its ginormous! They sell everything there! While we were looking at food Martin said he would make us pizza for dinner. We bought some groceries and headed out. Martin even showed me how to make everything!

Montevideo Airport with Diegos Familia.

Our rental Car

My Pasport Stamp

They ride their motorcycles even in the rain!


Hellmas Mayo goes on everything!

The house across from Natalias house has a dog that hangs out on the roof.

We took MandMs for Natalia.

How many Uruguayans can you fit in a tiny backseat?

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

You have been blogging while you are there. I love reading this. Just catching up now! Glad the water thing was solved!