Sunday, February 21, 2010

♥ Day 2010

Every year for Valentines I feel like I need to make an amazing meal.
Try something new and harder to prepare.
Our very first Valentines Day as a married couple is one I will NEVER forget!
I got out one of my very few cookbooks and found a meal by Rachael Ray that I had to try.
I had never cooked steak before so I thought I would try a "man" dinner of steak and potatos.
{This is before I realized my ♥ of cooking!}
I was doing my shopping list and was looking through my stuff to see what I already had and saw "steak" written on some meat that my dad had given to me.
While I was cooking these steaks I kept thinking to myself why the heck arent they turning brown?
But I kept cooking.
Made the sauce.
Cooked the potatos.
Still the steaks were weird looking.
Diego came home from work and we sat down to eat.
I bite into the steak and realize that it was from the pig my dad had just hat butchered!
I felt so freaking dumb.
But I did not want to let on that I had not meant for this to happen so I just ate my potato.
At the end of dinner, which Diego had eaten all of, he turned to me and asked why I had not eaten mine.
I said I did not like it.
He then said...
"Not to be rude, but next time... use real steaks!"
I told him thats what it had called for.
He asked how I had not noticed. I mean I was raised on red meat.
I told him I had been suspicious while I had been cooking but what did I know!
Memories right?!?!

So this year I decided to ask all the guys at work what their all time favorite food is.
They all decided that Beef Wellington was the greatest.
I had never even heard of such a thing!
But I looked up a bunch of recipes for it.
Printed out my favorites and went to town!
What a mess.
{No pictures of this masterpiece. Sorry.}
I get to the store and it calls for $30 a pound steak.
And I needed three pounds.
Ha Ha Ha.
I bought a $10 peice of meat and decided I would improvise!
I slaved away in the kitchen all day making sure everything was going to be special.
Well I did not fully read the last paragraph about DEFROSTING the puff pastry.
I get the meat seared, the garlic, onion, and mushroom mixture chopped, blended, then sauteed.
Layed proscutto down with mixture of crap above and wrapped it around the meat.
Then it says to wrap the puff pastry around the masterpeice you have just created.
I pull out the puff pastry and it sure was not about to roll out nicely.
First roll... Broken in frozen pieces.
Second roll... tried to thaw in the microwave. Cooked itself.
Back to Harmons.
Third roll... Thawed it SLOWLY in the microwave!
Wrapped it around the meat and baked it!
It was gross.
I liked the meat but could not get past the mushrooms.
{Not a fan of them but my hubby is...}
But Diego loved it!
That was all that mattered!
Good thing I had made two deserts for the movie that night so I did not go hungry!
Here is the first desert!
Brownie Trifle!
First you make a sheet of brownies.
Cool completely.
Next you mix I box chocolate pudding mix with 1 can condensed milk.
Mix well.
Add a small container of {thawed}cool whip. {sorry dont know the ounces. maybe 9?}
Blend until no white streaks are left.
You will also need a 13 ounce thing of cool whip.
Now to assemble!
Layer of brownies. You can space them how ever you want.
I cut my 9*13 pan into thirds.
Now put a third of your chocolate pudding mixture down.
Then a third of your thawed cool whip.
Just keep repeating till you run out of ingredients!
It then says to grate a chocolate bar over the top.
I decided to use Toblerones!
{Make sure you freeze your bar before you grate it!}

Then I realized I had forgotten the most important part of Valentines Day...
Chocolate covered Srawberries!
Holy Cow!
I got in the car and Jessa, Mo, and I ran to Wally World.
I got to the chocolate isle and decided to "try" something different.
I bought the biggest Toblerone triangles I could find and melted it down!
It worked like I had been making them my whole life!

Hope you all had as great of a Valentines Day as I did!!!


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I want a strawberry, and yes, more verde sauce. Can't wait for my meal you are cooking me after shmevin comes. LOL.

Emily Christine said...

That brownie trifle looks so yuM!! :)

Kimberly said...

so cute, I love trifle...I will have to try your brownie one.