Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Missed Me?

I know, I know! 
I have been gone forever! And I should say sorry to my friends that I yell at for never updating thier blogs anymore. {One post a day Kelly? Sure!}
Well I have not been up to anything too spectacular.
I have decided recently that I need to become like Kim and Tray and become a Domestic Goddess. 
These two can decorate better than anybody I know and I am jealous.
So I am now going to follow in their footsteps.
Mi Madre and I are working on copying this to put in my house!
Once its finished I will show you a picture IF it turns out cute!

I am loving that spring has finally arrived in Sandyland.
Diego and I have spruced up the front yard so it looks half way decent.
I am so excited to say that I planted basil, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and rosemary!
If they all die I am going to be pissed!
My tulips are cropping up every couple of days and I planted some bulbs that will hopefully make their appearance in two weeks.

But the real reason I have not been on the computer...
I finally got my CrackBerry BlackBerry.
Now I can blogstalk, tweet, and FB all from the palm of my hand.
And I love her.
Now I don't have to look at Diego's phone with such envy!
I did look at getting the Storm like his but I am so sick of having a touchscreen that I always scratch up that I was happy just to be done with them!

I hope to keep posting more often because I do miss my blog friends so very much!


The Jaynes Family said...

Haha I love that you specifically mention me! I have been slacking BIG time, I need to follow your example and get on this. I will post something this weekend for sure! Dev takes the laptop everyday during the week and then gets home to do homework on it so it's rare that I can actually use the laptop. I can use my parent's computer but none of my pictures are on there so ya. But I promise will do better. For you. :)
P.S. Super excited to see you tomorrow, I miss you.

T,A,K,E said...

Ummmm hello - you cook! I would have already put you in the domestic goddess category!

Kimber said...

You are underestimating yourself. You are a domestic diva, and your yard rocks! And your craftiness is blooming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sammi jo, SO sorry about your grandma, She is with my mom now. Valerie

The Boob Nazi said...

I want a blackberry with a touch screen. Do they do that?