Saturday, August 7, 2010

I ♥ Boobies.

My girl Wendy is strong.
That is the perfect word for her.
As I have posted before she is going through breast cancer and is going to kick its butt.
Wendy knew her hair was going to come out, she tried to prepare herself for the moment.
Would you want to watch your long beautiful locks fall out in chuncks or just get it over with?
Wendy wanted to shave hers so she invited her loved ones over to be there with her when she did it.

Welcome to the party...
Wendys Familia.
The sexy wig!

Could she be any sexier????
Love you Wendy!


Lisa, Cody, Carson and Parker said...

What a STRONG woman! And I love the wig. It looks like her real hair.

Cheryl said...

She is a gorgeous woman with or without hair. I wish her the best!