Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playing catch up.

About two months ago I noticed some weird stuff going on with my body. I thought I was prego! Two prego tests at home and both were negative. Of course I didn’t trust them. I drink so much water that I was positive my pee was not accurate! I mean why else would I miss my period and be sick every day? But I thought something was wrong because I was having major pain in my ovary area. I set up an appt with my family Dr. to see if she could help me! My old family Dr. was an OB also so I figured the lady that took over for her would be too. I had only met this lady once, but she didn’t seem like an idiot. They gave me a prego test and said it was negative. But since it was only a urine test I still had doubts about it. {I am paranoid!} The Dr. diagnosed me with a bladder infection and sent me home. She said she would send in my urine sample to get it analyzed. I took all my pills and when there was only one left I got a call from her saying that it wasn’t an infection after all. No shit Sherlock! I was still having severe pain. But now I had a yeast infection from the antibiotics on top of everything else! {She wouldn’t prescribe me the pill that I usually take with the antibiotics to prevent the yeast infection because she said my body was probably immune to it…} The Dr. made an appt for me the following Monday to get an ultra sound done. She said she thought it was either a cyst on my ovary or a kidney stone. All I wanted was for the pain to be gone. It was terrible. I was still going to work every day and coming home some days just to rest on my lunch break because the pain was so bad.

On Monday morning Diego and I went to my ultra sound appt. with high hopes of finding out what was causing all the pain. They said I would get my test results by Wednesday morning. Wednesday comes around and no calls. I call in the afternoon and they say I will have to wait till the dr. gets to them. No call on Thursday either. Friday I call and talk to one of my friends that work for a different dr. that is in the same office. I just asked her if she could tell me if my results had even come in. Since my Drs Assistant wasn’t there that day my friend was filling in for her and said my results had been there since Wednesday! Just Grand! Monday after work I called and asked how much I needed to pay to get my results back. The assistant says she will have a different Dr. look at them because my dr. had left for the day. She called me back two hours later and informed me that I could have a kidney stone and that there is also a large mass on my ovary that might be bleeding. And then informs me my doctor won’t be in until Wednesday afternoon, so she would transfer me to the front desk to make an appointment. SERIOUSLY! I made an appointment for Wednesday at 6 and started stressing out! It didn’t not give me peace knowing I MIGHT be bleeding out of my ovaries.

The next day at work I saw that I had missed a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I had a voicemail from my Dr. {My blood is still boiling from this!} She informed me that it was her day off and that she was at home with her kids but the office said I sounded worried about my test results. She said to call and make an appt with the office, but if I was really worried I could call her at home. She again reminded me that it was her day off though. I called my mother and had her listen to the message. She was just as shocked as I was and said I should change doctors. I agreed. My friend Brooke asked me why had I not gone to my regular OBGYN? I had not even thought of him! {I still am angry at myself for not going to him in the first place!} I call the office and they get me in to see Dr. Smith within three hours. They said they will have my results by the time I get there. The nurse comes and gets me from the waiting room and informs me that I have cysts on both ovaries. She told me more than my fist doctor had in 6 days in less than 30 seconds. I was so relieved to know what was going on! Dr. Smith sat down with me and we went over the symptoms. He thought I had endometriosis. I had no idea what endometriosis actually was. I have heard about it thousands of times, but only knew that it makes it harder for you to get prego. Dr. Smith explained what it actually was. Gross! He asked me if I wanted surgery. I told him I would do whatever to make the pain go away. It had been a month and a half of Hell. We scheduled the surgery for two weeks later. Happy Birthday to me!

The next two weeks were so bad. I knew my period was coming but I didn’t know that it would be so bad that I would be throwing up from the pain. I didn’t get off the couch for about 24 hours. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew it was bad. I have always had bad cramps, but midol always helped. Nothing helped! During the next week I realized it hurt the most after I ate. So I went to eating yogurts for the last week and barely making it through the day. Working a full day was so hard that when I got off all I wanted to do was sleep. I couldn’t do anything! The Friday before the surgery I had an appt to go over the procedure with Dr. Smith. I begged him to fix me. I didn’t want to live with this pain anymore.

Finally Monday the 30th came and Diego and I left for the hospital. I was so nervous and I couldn’t have my vice… water. If you know me, you know I always have a water bottle with me. I would have just walked around with the bottle if I could have! Alta View was awesome. They started my surgery early and everything went so well. During my surgery they pumped my stomach with air so they can see everything inside very well. And when that air tries to escape it goes to one of your shoulders, which hurts way more than the actual surgery! So for the past two and a half days I have been relaxing and feeling nauseous. Fun huh!?

Dr. Smith talked to Diego after the surgery and told him he drained both the cysts and cleaned up all the endometriosis gunk from my innards.

I am so excited that the pain is gone it makes me want to cry. It was that bad! Thanks to Yo Adriane and Kimber for bringing me dinner and treats. It meant the world to me! Diego took very good care of me too. It was nice having him with me during this. And thanks to everybody who offered their help and dinners to me. I am very loved.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, wow! Sounds like it brought great relief.

Life as Ashley said...


My gosh! So sorry you had to go through all of this. Hopefully your procedure was a permanent solution (I don't know much about it all).

Hope you continue to feel MUCH better.

PS I can vouch for the air in your shoulders pain. When they took Kaeden C-section, I guess there was air in my abdomen from that. I remember being taken back to the recovery room and suddenly feeling like I couldn't breath from the pain in my shoulders. I panicked! I was the worst pain I'd felt throughout pregnancy, labor, and surgery. Luckily it went away fairly quickly. NOT something I'm looking forward to doing again!

♥ ya girlie!

Tiffany said...

Please let me know how I live right across the streen and had no idea this was all going on. Girl...can I bring you dinner this week or next??? Let me know how I can help! Love ya!

Adam, Traci and Brooklyn said...

What the heck? You are one tough chicka! I had a small one once and I thought that hurt! Let me know if you need anything now that it is over!

Bowman's Beach said...

OH MY GOSH! I am so glad everything worked out! Glad your o.k.!

Hollie said...

Sam! I am so sorry you had to go through that! I am glad to hear you are doing better.

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

Still can't believe the Dr.

That is all.


Adriane said...

You are so welcome! I am just so glad it is over! Love you!

Kimber said...

Glad the inner girls (aka ovaries) are feeling better.

Cheryl said...

Girl, I am so glad you are OK, I totally missed this post. I have been thru the exact same thing, it sucks. Isnt it fun to fart your brains out and not be responsible for it, LOL

MELINDA said...

Dear Sam! I have been so wrapped up in my own little world I haven't even talked to you in like a month!! So Sorry to hear this yo! I hope you are doing better and will have an amazing time a Shakira!!!!