Monday, January 3, 2011

Greatest Christmas presents ever!

There is this CRAZY STUPID show on MTV called 16 and Prego.
Mo and I might be slightly obsessed with it.
One of the couples on the show had this really cute collage of photos with everybody holding up signs that say "I Love You."
We copied the idea for our parents Christmas present!
While taking mine and Diegos pictures my sisters and I decided to take some of just the girls to give to our grandparents.
We KINDA liked how they turned out.


Bowman's Beach said...

you guys look so cute! Sammy you are a sexy bee-otch, skinny minnie!

Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I REALLY want to do this. Can I steal it?

Did you know that Van calls you Dora...??

Sam Jo said...

@Ashley: Thanks for callin me skinny! You need to bring the kids in soon!!

@Von: Steal away! And I think its funny how tons of kids call me Dora! I wish I was as cool as Dora!

Cheryl said...

You all are adorable