Thursday, October 9, 2008

Google Tag!

I saw this on a friends blog... i thought it was a pretty fun post, so i'm gonna copy... here's what you do: Answer the following questions. Type your answer in google images to get a picture. Whichever picture pops up first... put it on your blog..

My name is: Sam

My Middle Name: Jo

My Last Name: Meneses

Favorite Vacation Spot: Disneyland!

How old am I? 23

Where I would like to go someday: Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Where I grew Up: Sandy Utah

Favorite Resteraunt: Bonsai

Where do I live right now? : Sandy Utah

What do I do for a job? Dental Lab Tech

Hubbys Name: Diego

Where Hubby Grew up: Melo Uraguay

I tag: Everybody that reads my blog!


Anonymous said...

So you know that place you want to visit... Punta Del Este? Yeah I've been there. Just thought I'd share!

Anonymous said...

we fixed our page just for you!