Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I miss Disneyland!

As all of you know I am a huge disney fan. This is the first year since we were married that we did not take our weekly trip to go stay in the magnificent Grand Californian Hotel. I have been to Disneyland many, many, many times in my life but have never been when all the Halloween decorations were out. We were hoping to make it out around now to finally get to see the big pumpkin mickys but no, we had that grand idea of buying a house. Just kidding. So to celebrate halloween we are going to carve Mickey and Minnie into our pumpkins. Hopefully that will do the trick.


Life as Ashley said...

yeah! Comments! To get your Disney Halloween fix, visit this blog post:

Kimber said...

Oh Disneyland, Disneyland! Where for art thou Disneyland! Halloween is the best time of year to go. I'm hoping we will get there next spring.