Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wal Mart the sitcolm!

I do almost all my shopping at good old wally world! I am not saying they are the greatest but I can get everything I want under one roof! Last week I was walking the isles and witnessed most of the great things that are on the wal mart bingo sheet! Giggling to myself I thought that wal mart should have a tv show! I would defintaely watch it. Maybe it could be like a reality tv series. They could just hook up hidden cameras and watch what happens. After my aimless wandering I headed to the 20 items or less lane. 1st girl in line was a little hefty. I have nothing against hefty people. I am not lacking in the hefty department. BUT... I, unlike this young lady, do not by swimsuits that will let the world not have to wonder what she looks like under her clothes! She did have good taste though. It was an adorable swimsuit and I was about to go check if they had one in my size that was a 1 piece and had some board shorts. 2nd person in line was an older lady that was at least 80. Really really tiny little woman that looked like she had never grown in her life. In her cart was 7 cases of beer. Not the 6 pack! No she had the 24 packs fillin up the cart. I am looking at the cart wondering how she even picked up one of these cases. When it was her turn the check out lady sat there waiting for the old geezer to pick up one of the packs for to scan. The geezer just stared back. It lasted about 30 seconds and then the checker picked up her little gun and scanned them from the cart. Than the scanner asked to see some ID!!!!!! I was so shocked. Make up a date you freak! So the old lady had to search through her enormous purse to find her ID. Next it was my turn. All I had was some pork chops. They were 50% and the checker had to do the math in her head. I am terrible at math. I totally make Diego do all adding in my life. So the check er kept staring at the package. About a minute later I said " Its $2.14." Checker " I knew that!!!". Feisty one! I hope you all enjoyed my rantings about wally world!


Anonymous said...

That is soooo funny! Lol! You gotta love Wally World :)

Kimber said...

My sister-in-law is a walmart manager and has the best stories, like the old man that works in her store and every once in awhile he poops his pants. But it's cool, he just buys a new pair in the men's section and changes in the dressing rooms.