Monday, January 26, 2009


My little sister got her mission call on Saturday! On the way down to my parents me and the other sis were betting on where Char would get called. Mo thought it was gonna be Montana. I was betting on Califonia Spanish/Mexican speaking. I then told my mother that if she does get called to Idaho we would tell everybody that she was called to England and that she would go study abroad. Nope! The little shit is going to Honolulu Hawaii! I almost dies! I want to go to Hawaii for a year and a half! I am very excited for her and know that she will be an excellent missionary. She is such a persistant little mormon. Nobody will be able to tell her no!


Charlene Emily Bridge said...

I guess I am a persistent little Mormon... but I think it's my amazing good looks that will attract investigators. Maybe i'll head down to hickam Air Force base and work my magic... and you need to come pick me up!!!

Lisa, Cody & Carson said...

One day you will be able to call her your overly rightous returned missionary sister. I have called my sister this when I thought I was chatting with my dad