Saturday, July 18, 2009

100th Post!!!!

I think it is only fitting to have my 100th post be about the King of Country Music!!!

George Strait

Last night Diego and I went to see him at the Usana amphitheatre with Brooke and Shad. We all had an amazing time together and George was AMAZING! Since they only had beer I did not get to get my drinking on but I had fun anyways. Diego got some amazing shots of George on stage!

Our seats on the grass

Everybody gettin ready for Julianne Hough

Brookie and I
Diego and I before the concert
Julianne Hough!
She was a lot of fun to watch and she is GORGEOUS!
The people sitting next to us had some makeup issues!
Brookie and I coming back with no liquor. All I got to drink was water. : (
I was pretty sure these two were going to make babies during the concert!
Blake Shelton

Beer #1 for Miss Brooklyn
Diego and I
Beer #2 for Miss Brooklyn
{Notice the eyes!}
Of course he has to pull a face!
Shad, Brooke, Me, and Diego
The King of Country music on the Jumbotron!

We were getting a little tired after all the dancing.
Funny guy in our group.
{Sorry, I forgot your name!}
Of course I became the designated beer holder for everybody because they knew I would not drink it while they went to the bathroom!
Sam + Agua = Semi : )
Brookie + Beer = : )

Last night we sang, we danced, Brooke got a little bit tipsy but everybody in our group was amazing and it turned out to be the best concert I have ever been to!


Bowman's Beach said...

how fun!!!! I love goerge!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Oh, you are one lucky girl...I love Georgie!! He has been around in my life since Pure Country!