Thursday, July 16, 2009

My first food review!

La Puente
{The Bridge, Just 411}
So my good friend Evonne just did a food review of my favorite restaurant and she was totally let down with their quality!!!! Check out her review here.
I decided that I needed to defend the restaurants honor by doing my own food review!
Here goes nothin:

{Thank goodness they put bathroom under baƱo, I would never have known where to use the restroom!}
Lexi, Kelly and I
{Damn girls, we have some pretty teeth!}
Burrito smothered with a side of rice!
{Yes, to me this is heaven!}
Trying out the zoom on my new camera!
{And how could you hate a restaurant with such great artwork on the walls?}

So I will give it to Evonne that the food is spicy, but seriously, I could LIVE on the chile verde sauce they serve!
Oh and endless chips!

1 comment:

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Everyone can have an opinion...I still love you even though I hate this restaurant. LOL

I need to take you to my FAV place, and seriously you will never eat food like this again. Seriously.