Saturday, July 4, 2009

Am I crazy?

Blogger friends meet Debbie...

Debbie meet my blogging peeps...

Now that we have all said our hellos I will tell you why my life will blow for the next 6 weeks...

I have decided that I need to get in shape. This is really sad because I work out at the gym 5 nights a week but I only do cardio because I am not sure how to use the machines! I was really debating about talking about this on my blog because what if I give up after 3 weeks? But I decided that this will help motivate me. I started last Monday morning on the program and let me tell you, Debbie kicked my fat a$$! The first week of the 6 week program really was not a terrible workout. It was only 30 minutes long but it stretched muscles that I never knew existed. You are supposed to perfect the moves from the first session to move on to the 2nd. I decided Friday morning that Debbie and I were all good on the moves so I moved to the 2nd session. SURPRISE!!! Debbie thought it would be fun to make the workout an HOUR long! BITCH PLEASE! I was yelling at the Debbie ( I keep calling her Debbie Meyers) the whole time!

Then my so not skinny hubby decided to come watch as I had to pass out every 4 minutes. He was trying really hard not to laugh at me but it was not easy when I was screaming at Debbie and falling off my mat at the same time!

I still have not decided if I am going to do the mini tri-athalon at the end of August yet. I am going to concentrate on doing these videos for three weeks and see how I feel. If I can even walk at the end of those videos I will start training!

Should I post pics? I don't know! I am not ashamed about the way I look. (No, I am not proud of myself for letting me get to this place.) I wear shorts, I wear tank tops, I do not think that because I am a size 16 that I should hide out inside my house so nobody has to look at me. If somebody has a problem with the way I look they can look the other way for all I care. The reason for all the wanting to get in shape is for my future pregnancies. (Way in the future!) All I ever hear about is how hard it is to lose weight after yo have your babies. I don't want to have to loose the baby weight and than try to get to a size 8.

I will keep you all updated on my progress!!!!


Sell...Party Of 3 said...

You should definitely post pics. I posted a video of me. LOL =)

I need to get motivated too! Thanks for being inspiring!

Life as Ashley said...

Post Pics!

Good for you for doing this. I need to do something too ASAP.

And yes, the baby weight thing is impossible. I've been so frustrated with it, I can't even begin to tell you!

Good Luck!

Kimber said...

You rock! I'll take you running on the Draper trail when you are up to it and you can call me any name you want. I'll just do my evil laugh and make you run some more!