Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad Luck : (

I have a new OBSESSION!
The game of Hand and Foot!
This is the 2nd week in a row that we have all gotten together to have dinner and play!
I really don't know why I love this game because I have NEVER actually been on the winning team! : ( People actually say to me that they do not want to be on my team!
It was a really fun night!

Mindy and I!

{She likes to be on my team even if we always lose!}

Ary, Kelly, and I
{Isn't Ary adorable!}

Jake and Mindy

Devin, Ary, and Kelly!

Heraldo and Meyke!
{Oh and a little slice of Diego!}

Camera wars!
{Yes that is a basketball hoop on out fence! Diego was painting it!}

Thank goodness Diego put up this HELLA bright light up so we can play until 2 in the morning!


Ary is such good help!

Minnie being very jealous of Ary gettin to play!

Next we moved on to Apples to Apples!
{The boys kicked our ASSES in hand and foot!}
The girls decided to go to wally world to get a new game but they did not have it. But we did find the Twilight game!!!
{No I did not buy it!}

Minnie getting a little mad that we were not in bed at 1 in the morning!


The Jaynes Family said...

Love the post even though I look like poo in all the pics! Now we just need to find boxers or briefs! Maybe then we can actually the boys at something!

Cal said...

I love hand and foot. I never win either, I have never met anyone that liked to play that as much as I do!
so fun