Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Sis

Isn't she GORGEOUS!!!
I miss my Moses so much that I am crying!
She is so funny and sometimes you need your little sister to hang out with!
{Yes I miss Char but she is on a vacation in Hawaii doing her missionary thing so I cant be selfish and miss her!}
Moses has gone away to college and is loving life!
She has taught all her friends to play Hand and Foot!
{She always loses too!}
I am very proud of you Moses!
Don't stay up to late at night!
{Dad would want me to tell you that! ; )}
Do all your homework!
{Mom would want me to tell you that!}
Don't kiss to many boys!
{Diego would want me to tell you that!}
I Ruff You!
{That's from Minnie!}
And from me..
Don't do anything stupid!
{Take that however you want!}
I love you sunshine!


MoBridge5 said...

I ruff you more!

Adam and Traci said...

I cry all the time without my sister! :( I feel your pain!