Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am gettin old!

I turned 24 yesterday and it was awesome!
We went out to my fav restaurant Bonzai!
I decided I would let everybody know why this is such a good place!
The salad dressing is the most amazing dressing!
My mom practically begged for the recipe and they said the owner hand makes it everyday!
Mi Padre Y Madre!
Me and my main man with the master plan!
Butter Baby!!!!!
They have mad skillz!
The flamin onion!
Now we are talkin!
{That would also be my salmon and chicken cookin!}
The dipping sauces are un believable!
{The owner hand makes them also!}
Everything is cooked in front of you!
My favorite fried rice of all times!
Told Ya!
My yummy plate!
They throw shrimp for you to catch! Daddy did not catch his!
Diego takin pictures!
{Notice my bang? Just 411... I got bangs last week! Not really bangs, there is only one!}
They sang Happy Birthday to me and the little girl next to me and I was allowed to play the gong!
And my birthday ice cream!
If you have ever eaten here you know they always take your picture on your birthday and put it on the wall! We have at least twenty on the walls!


Emily Christine said...

I love this pic and I love Bonsai! Hope your birthday was great!!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Never been to this place, but it looks fun!! I am glad that you had a fun birthday! Em and I wanted to hang out for dinner on Saturday before the concert. E-mail me -k-?!

Bowman's Beach said...

I went there on my last two B-days too holmes! Word up! I was looking at all the photos, but didn't see you...maybe they take them down after a little while.

Tiffany said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Thanks for sharing your night with us!