Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love letta!

Dear Debbie,
Can I call you Deb now?
Maybe not...
It just sounds wrong huh...
Well I just wanted to let you know what I did today!
On my lunch break I walked for 30 minutes with one pound weights!
And then my ass came home and did an hour work out with you!
But I had to switch some stuff up!
I am so sick of your voice that I had to mute you!
I then blasted my I pod to playlist I named "Gettin down with the Debster!"
I just want you to know that I lifted my legs higher, I lunged deeper, and my sit ups were perfect!
Maybe you should just play Music for everybody else?
Just sayin!
I also went on an hour walk with the size 00 Kelly!
Yes... It sucks walking with somebody that has no weight to lose but she keeps me hella entertained so its perfect!
But the downfall of the day was at the end of the walk when Kelly's little sister offered me my FAVORITE choco chip pumpkin cookies!
But I only had uno!
I should get credit for that right?
And Debbie I do need to thank you for helping me lose some weight!
It sure as hell is not falling of my ass as I walk down the street but all my pants wont stay up on my butt!
{Diego is a little disappointed with this because he is an ASS man!}
So I will see you tomorrow morning for our ab work out!
{Not really, I just end all my letters with that}
Sam Jo


Cal said...

you kill me. how funny is this post. I hate Debbie already and I have never met her

The Emerys said...

Oh your are freakin hilarious! Im just busting up reading your post. And if you ever need a walking partner I only live like a street away. Pathetic that we live that close and I never see you.