Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sisterly love + Lexie

Since Mo came back for the funeral we got to have another weekend together!
We decided to have a spend the night at my house and invite Lexie Lou!
1st stop:
Cafe Rio!
Could they be any hotter?
I can never understand them when they ask my want I want on my food!
2nd stop:
Ghetto Fabulous Reams to get our candy for the movie!
Arent they a hoot!
Finally home to eat our yummy Mexican food!
I made Mo and Lexie a beautiful bed on the floor!
They loved it!
{So did Minnie!}

1 comment:

Emily Christine said...

This looks like an fun night! You girls are so cute! We still need to plan to get together sometime soon! I know Amy is here this week, maybe we can plan something!