Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cheers to you Gramps!

The family met after the funeral to toast to my Grandpa!
My grandpa was sooo funny! He bought his head stone over 25 years ago!
Damn! The wine they brought had bubbles! None for me!
Cheers to a great Husband, Dad, Father in law, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa!
Mom and Uncle Mike!
Mo and Uncle Mike!


The Emerys said...

Sorry about your Grandpa. But does the no wine thing mean you have an announcement? Are you prego??

Valerie said...

I am so sorry, I didn't even know he had passed away until i read it in my blog. Best to all of you Your Gramps was a great guy and a big part of my childhood. Valerie

MoBridge5 said...

My sister is an amazing photographer!!

Diego and Sam Jo said...

Ash you are funny! No baby in the belly! I just hate carbonation!