Monday, September 14, 2009

1 year ago!

1 Year ago I started my blog!
I never knew that it would be one of my favorite things!
My whole life revolves around bringing my camera just in case somethin good happens!
My first post was about my trip to the fair with Brooke!
This year I convinced Diego to go with me.
Don't you hate it when you agree to take a funny pic and the other person just smiles!
Sometimes we like each other!
I hate kettle korn but everybody else loves it!
Just an amazing shot by Muah!
I really did debate on getting this!
I love me some knock off purses!
OINK OINK! I don't think I would be able to cook pork chops in her!
This is going to be my next hair color(s)!
I wanted some but was kind of scared!
Another nice fair photo!
They had a freaking robot!
It danced!
It Sang!
It could even shake your hand!
Deep fried oreos!
And yes they were amazing!
Diego trying them...
Me LOVING them...
Me dreamin about them...
{and I am still dreaming about them today!}
Now I REALLY want one!
They had bears!
With only a wire fence around it! No thanks!
That seems quite stupid!
And last but definitely not least...
The dread lock mullet!!!!
{Diego says I need to stop taking pictures of people!}


Kristina said...

I love deep fried oreo's they are fantastic, I tried them this summer at Strawberry days,,, oh I need one now!

Lisa, Cody & Carson said...

I'm with you on the kettle Korn. I don't get the hype about it.