Sunday, September 20, 2009

Final days of summer...

We headed out to the Usana Amp Theatre last night for our last concert of the summer.
The traffic was HORRIFIC ...
The concert was so crowded we could not find my cousins to sit with...
I left my blanket in the car and it was cold!
Sounds like I had a horrible night huh?
It was fun to watch Dirks Bentley and Brad Paisley.
They both put on amazing shows.
But the whole time Brad was singing all I could think about was how F ing long it was going to take us to get out of that damn parking lot!
We had grass seats but they let people sit in the empty seats because they did not sell out.
That was the only good thing that happened all evening!

Dirks Bently


Brads song Celebrity is on one of those guitar hero games.
So while he played he showed other country stars playing the game.
He made a really funny comment about Taylor winning the award at the MTV music awards.
We were leaving and realized we did not have a pic together.
To get to our car we had to freaking climb over guard rails...

And climb up big hills!

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

It doesn't sound like you had fun, but the pictures are great!