Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh what a wonderful life...

Yesterday my mother and I decided to go watch Mo play soccer.
She plays for SUU and they were playing BYU.
I am very anti BYU but any chance to see Mo I will take!
As we are driving to the freeway I finally get to see where the in n out burger is going to be!
Its only about 5 minutes from my house so I am way excited!

On our way to the game my mom decides we need to go shoe shopping for my Sis Char.
She is on her Mission/Vacation in Hawaii and is going through shoes like crazy!
They were having a sale so my lovely madre bought me some shoes!
I have never owned orange shoes so I thought "why not!"
We stopped at my moms fav Cafe Rio to get dinner.
We only had about twenty minutes till the game started so we decided to take our food there.
We get to the gates and guess what...
So we sat on the grass like fools and ate our Rio!
I noticed a lot of freaky people as we were enjoying our dinner.
The freaks got worse!
I am very sorry to say that I do not fit in on the BYU campus.
I would never ride my beach cruiser down the street while I was dyed blue...
I would never be caught dead in all blue...
I would never want my picture taken with Cosmo {their mascot}...

Numero Nueve did so good!
She had a lot of good headers and a lot of good show downs!

The guy in the creepy blue jacket was being so rude the entire game.
But when Mo headed that ball everything changed...

Blue jacketed freak: That was so graceful...
Me: Thanks, That's my sister!

My mother and I

Of course I had to pee.
I never go anywhere by myself so mom went with me.
As we were walking all I could think of was this campus is scary!
They could film a horror movie on this scary hill!
I did not have to walk up the hill to go to the bathroom but I was scared to walk by it!
I {heart} her!
Moses is a guy magnet! There were at least ten guys that came to watch her play!

It was such a fun night.
Hopefully I will never have to go back to the Y!
It was scary!
I showered the second I got home!
But I think they used permanent marker on my hand stamp!
It will not come off.

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Tiffany said...

We can't wait for the In N Out either!!! We should go together!