Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My name is Sam Jo and I have a problem...

I am not going to lie..
I am in LOVE with Uggs!
Those ugly shoes that celebraties where in the 85 degree weather because they have no fat on there bones to keep them warm!
I know they can look very stupid...
and that they are kind of ugly...
But they are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear!
I got my shoe catalogue today and almost died when I saw the new ones for this year!!
These are my ones from last winter! I {heart} them!
Could you just not die over these??
These ones would be my second pick!!
But seriously who buys white?
I would have them ruined in two days of Utah winter!
Diego hates my Uggs and calls them my Fugglys!
Rude Huh!
Is there anything that you wear that you don't think is actually that cute but you love anyways?


Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by my anniversarry share persons! I love Uggs but am afraid to buy them, my feet freeze constantly!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I am in LOVE with those black and white ones. I will most def be buying me a new pair this winter! I am even going to wearing them with cute maternity dresses...I already have it planned in my head. =)

Didericksen Family said...

I am sorry, but I agree with Deigo, but I am sure they are darling on you!
I love love love leg warmers. If I could find some that would go around my fat cankles, then I would buy them.