Sunday, October 18, 2009

The biggest crime of the year??????

At work we have a TV in the break room that is always on the news channel.
One of the guys came back from the break room and told us all about the kid in the balloon.
We all started discussing if he was alive or not.
One of the guys is helicopter pilot and he was saying how freezing it would be that high up.
Then my buddy Mark made the comment "What if the kid is at home playing XBOX?
We all started laughing and somebody else came back and said the balloon was empty!
We then learned that this family was on wife swap twice.
And funnily enough I had seen this episode.
Can you say freaks???
From that second on I knew it was just a hoax.
That dad is koo koo for coco puffs.
Here is a video from the second time they were on the show!

Crazy guy huh!!!

As of this morning the Colorado police are calling this a hoax!!

On one show the kid admitted that it was all done to get on TV. He would also throw up every time they asked where he was. Poor kid. Totally used by his shitty parents.

It also came out that the dad was trying to get a reality show deal with a bunch of different networks!

I hope the parents are charged for everything!

But it did make my week!


Cheryl said...

I watched their wife swap episode, they are totally into themselves the hell with their kids!

Chorizo, if you have a Super Walmart they carry it, here in Oregon you can get it at any grocery store. A Tienda for sure, the Mexican kind is the best!

Cal said...

no way... I watched that episode. how funny. They are quacks!!!

Kathleen said...

Okay so I just found your blog and I wanted to say I think you are hilarious!

MoBridge5 said...

Hahaha we are descendants of aliens... Hahaha yeah, and I'm the mailmans daughter...