Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not sure why I agreed to this...

Since Evonne is a "really big deal" she got us some tickets to go to Nightmare on 13Th street!
I am the biggest wuss so it was really a bad couple hours before we were going...
I was excited but thought I was going to poop my pants I was so scared.
Evonne had an extra ticket so I brought my BBB {Bestest Brown Buddy}
And Emily took some time away from packing to get the crap scared out of her!
{Yes I thought the hood would keep the scary people from noticing me!}
Just walking up to this place was scary {anytime I leave Sandy or Draper it is scary for me...}
There was big scary guys that made me think this was not a decision I thought very hard on.
Once we all got out wrist bands on we headed in.
The beginning was awesome!
They did a little show with Freddy, The Ring Chica, and The guy from Saw.
I am OK with scary characters but I HATE loud noises.
That is what scared me the most inside this haunted house. They did such an amazing jobs at decorating.
The room with mirrors was my favorite. It took us awhile to figure our way out!
My biggest beef with indoor haunted houses is their smells!
I had to dry heave a couple times to go on!
I am so freaking glad I went!!
Thanks Evonne!!!!

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Sell...Party Of 3 said...

I am glad that you went too! Thank you for going with me...and giving me some extra entertainment.