Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My life must be getting pretty boring...

I have a new TV show that I am obsessing about...
Here are three clues:
1: The show has been on since 1992 and I just discovered it.
2: There are at least three episodes on a day.
3: If you say the name of the show with a Spanish accent it sounds so much cooler!!
Did you figure it out?
Did you peak below at the pics?
The answer is freaking CSI MIAMI!
{Say Miami like the girls do in the Will Smith song.}
I don't know how I missed this show all these years but holy shit...
They are crime fighting fanatics...
I seriously watch this and want to go to be a CSI!
I know I could!
But I would have to be Horatio because He just boss's everybody around.
{But in a nice way of course!}
You see this dead guy above???
He bit a guy with a tattoo and they found it in his stomach!!!
I do NOTHING like that at my job...
It would really liven up the day!
This is my MAN!
Horatio Caine!
{The glasses are his official trademark.}
You DO NOT mess with him...
You DO NOT threaten him...
He is a bad ass with red hair.
Are you scared?
You should be!
And this is the gorgeous and very smart Calleigh Duquesne.
You should not mess with her either.
And the always charming Erik Delko.
All the girls love him but they can not have him.
He is smart and funny.

A winning combo!
And then we have this piece of crap...
Ryan Wolfe
He is shady and I love when he is not on the episode.

Now excuse me...
my DVR has three new episodes for me to catch up on...

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Adam and Traci said...

We LOVE that show! We watch all the CSI's because we have seen all of them. I do a great Horatio impression!