Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pink is in the air...

I freaking love October!
I love Halloween...
I love the crisp weather...
I love to watch the trees change colors..
But what I love most of all...
At our house I buy anything with a pink sticker on it while i am grocery shopping.
Diego has even learned that this rule!
Kitchen Aid even came out with a whole new line of pink products a couple years back.
The SUU soccer team had a special game that helped to benefit breast cancer and breast cancer survivors!
They all wore their pink uniforms and sold a s ton of cute pink shirts!
I wish I could have gone down and watched the game!
I will totally rock my new pink shirt this week!

How freaking cute our these jerseys?

Moses standing in the pink ribbon on the field!
Mos friends came out to support her!

1 comment:

Mo said...

I love boob awareness!! I got to keep the shorts! Well I kind of got to keep everthing cause mom bought the jersey... Haha. I love you!!!