Saturday, October 10, 2009

GNO! {3rd time this week...}

Who knew I could have so much freaking fun at Zurchers?
We seriously only went to go pick up invites for a party! This is what it turned in to...
Look at all the party supplies for a kids first birthday!
Magnificent isn't it!
We were looking at decorations for the party and saw these cute witches hat!
Maybe that's what I will be for the party...
We were in the bachlorette party section and found this awesome sign!
Perfect for our night out!

We had to try on the mask that fit a five year old.
Move over Edward...
Kelly punching Bella in the face for being a crybabywetthebed!
Paola trying to stand on her tippy toes to put her head on a b ball player!
We then headed over to our fav restaurant La Puente.
We went into the basement part and found a whole new place to party!
The lady was watching sports but I insisted we change it to Grays Anatomy.
I then got out voted and we changed it to The Office.
I had never seen the show...
{Sad, I know, but I just wanted to start from the beginning and haven't gotten the DVDs yet...}

So we watched a freaking hilarious show well we ate our beautiful smothered burritos!
The downstairs to this place looks like a bar!
Juke box and all!
{Only Mexican music playin!}

Kelly and I figured out we only had 2 freaking pictures together!
Strange because we take pictures every time we are together!
Thanks girls for the fun night out!


The Jaynes Family said...

SO fun! We will do it again for sure and soon!

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Did I forget to mention that I love your purse!? Super cute. And I need Kelly's 411 so that I can stalk...I mean look at her blog. =)