Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This weekend went by way to fast.
My Aunt Cheri was in town so I hung out with her!
Diego and I went out on a hot date and I kept trying to get a cute picture but we were both laughing so hard! Here is the best one. {Sad!}
I seriously should have not boughten the cookie dough from the little boy!
I made my Boo sign to go up on the neighbors doors!
I went and got my toes done did.

And I just want you to all know that Debbie and I have been hanging out every night for a week!
I can barely walk up the stairs but I guess its worth it!
I am very proud to say that my GUT is getting smaller.
It is still there but does not stick out as far as it used to!
I have totally given up on listening to Debbie so I mute her and Listen to Hannah Montana! She could get anybody pumped up!

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Cal said...

love your toes and what are the boo signs for? any good ideas I should know about??? you are a doll