Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What a day!
Halloween is the biggest day at my work.
Almost everybody puts some effort into decorating their department or their costume.
My department won two years ago and we decided we should win again.
Our idea was to do Zombiland.
So you could either dress up as a zombie or a zombie killer.
We put many many hours into our room and we won for best decorations.
So now my work has to buy my whole department lunch!

This is what my department looked like from outside.
Clayton was sick so he could not party with us.
Funny stuff!
Our leader also got sick so we set up this guy to be Matty.
Dan the Zombie and Me the zombie killer!
Mark and Dan doing the zombie hug!
Scary zombie Cameron. He has even scarier costume that he is wearing tonight!
Cam carved the pumpkin for our room!
Jeff is a zombie. These are the boards that you could see from the outside.
Cam Bam thank you Maam.
Steffan had the scariest make up i think!
Tinkerbell {Hallie}
Funny boys!!!
The rarely seen unicorn {Jordan}Zombie attack!
{tryin not to smile!}
Zombie attack!
I am scared...
Dave the redneck Zombie killer!
Dave, CJ, and I
{We survived the Zombie Apocalypse!}
We stopped killing zombies/people to enjoy some pizza!

Thanks for all the fun boys!!!


Kristina P. said...

Seriously, your workplace is the coolest!

And the Wonder Woman outift is awesome. There was a guy at the party I went to, tonight, who was also dressed as WW, but he was wearing major drag queen boots. He even shaved his legs.

Cheryl said...

Dude that is one of the major things I miss about being a Technical Support Guru and working in the call center, we used to do Halloween up right as well!