Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rockin the leg warmers...

Ary is turning 1!!!
Devin and Kelly had a Halloween party for Arys Birthday!
Ary, Kelly {BBB}, and Devin
Isn't she a cute little lion?
BBB was a lion also!
Michael and Jaqcue came from Cali for the festivities!
{Love them!}
Jacque and I.
Mindy and Jake
Jacques cat tail!
We the hit Rio for the out of towners.
{Devin totally ruined our shot! ; )}
Mindy and I
{BBB just has to always get in the shot!}
The Chicas
{With Devina!}
Thanks you so much for the nipple Michael!!
We then headed to the Haunted Forest...
Sure as hell was not worth $20!!!!
Kelly and Devin actin scared!
Me and BBB have already been to a haunted house but did not get pics so we made up for that!
Group Shot!
Diego and I!
{♥ Him}
Perfect freakin weekend!!!


The Jaynes Family said...

Love all the pictures! It really was so fun! Now we just need Michael and Jacque to move here and Diego to be done with Wyoming. Then we can all hang out more often!

Emily Christine said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Love you and miss yoU!!

Kimberly said...

How fun, really cute pictures. I have updated for you so come check us out. I also have a new address for our blog:
Have a skooktakular halloween.

Anonymous said...

que lindas fotos!!!! publiqué unas nuevas de los niños en el msn. besos....ya falta menos!!!